Maple Tree Inn Rewards FAQ

Answers to the most frequently asked questions:

How does the reward program work?

- Quite simply, the more you spend, the more you earn in cash back rewards. For every dollar that you spend, you earn one point. At certain point levels, you earn a cash back reward. The more points that you earn, the higher reward you receive. 

There are 4 levels to the rewards program:

Mardi Gras Level “Welcome to the Party”-  0 - 99 points
- 10 point signup bonus & start earning 1 pt. per dollar spent.

Silver Level “Fleur de Lis”-  100 - 499 points
- $5 reward at 100 points and every 100 points thereafter.

Gold Level “Big Chief”-  500 - 1499 points
- $25 bonus reward at 500 points, $5 reward every 100 points thereafter
- $25 bonus reward at 1000 points, $5 reward every 100 points thereafter

Platinum Level “King/Queen of Carnival”-  1500 + points
- $125 bonus at 1500 points and $5 reward every 100 points thereafter.

Rewards FAQ Points

How do I signup and start earning points?

- When you come into The Maple Tree Inn, just tell your server that you would like to sign up for Maple Tree Inn rewards. The server will provide you with a customized rewards card and enroll you, right then and there. You can then go on our website (or we can do it for you right at the restaurant) and register your information. You will have a personalized login and password to where you can track your points, see your rewards, and forecast any upcoming bonuses. It’s that easy. You’ll start receiving rewards immediately. 

Will I receive anything for my birthday?

- Absolutely! We love to celebrate with you. We have engineered this program to highlight one of the most important days of the year, your birthday! Once a year, on the first day of your birthday month, you will receive a bonus reward good towards a discount on your birthday entrée. Depending on your current level will determine the amount of your discount. 

Here is the breakdown according to level:

Mardi Gras “Welcome to the Party”-  0 - 99 points
-20% discount towards your birthday entrée.

Silver Level “Fleur de Lis”-  100 - 499 points
25% discount towards your birthday entrée.

Gold Level “Big Chief”-  500 - 1499 points
35% discount towards your birthday entrée.

Platinum Level “King/Queen of Carnival”-  1500 + points
50% discount towards your birthday entrée.

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How do I redeem my earned rewards?

- The most important thing to do after receiving your rewards card, is to register your information on our website. You can do this by accessing our website or asking a host to do this for you at the restaurant. After that, it’s very easy. The next time you come into The Maple Tree Inn, either hand your server your personalized card, or simply give them your last name or phone number (or any piece of information that your provided upon registration). The server will be able to look up your account quickly and provide you with any available rewards. You can either choose to redeem those available rewards right then and there, or choose to bank those rewards for a higher level bonus reward to be used at a later date. Whatever you would like to do, we can accomodate. It’s that easy!

Are there any other advantages of this rewards plan?

- Yes! We will be offering lots of things that are upcoming and designed specifically for rewards members only.

Here are some examples of what is coming:

- Special Member Only Double Point Days

- Invitations to Exclusive Events (Wine Tastings, Chef Pairings, etc.)

- Invitations to Presale Tickets to Concerts and Events

- Much, Much More!

Will I ever lose my points?

- If you have at least one paid visit every 730 days, your points will continue to rollover. If you have not had a paid visit within 730 days, an un-redeemed points will be forfeited. 
-Birthday rewards are not cumulative. They must be used during your birthday month. They also do not rollover to the following year.

Are there any restrictions with the rewards program?

- Reward points cannot be split amongst diners. All the points for each visit go to one card holder. Only the person paying the bill may be credited with points for any purchases. 

- Points are earned for each dollar spent excluding tax and gratuity (based on subtotal only). 

- Reward dollars and bonuses are not valid for payment towards taxes or gratuities. 

- Reward dollars and bonuses are not valid and cannot be used for New Year’s Eve, Fat Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, any “Fest” days, or any “All-You-Can-Eat” days. 

- Rewards are not valid in conjuction with any other offers, discounts, promotional certificates, and/or donation gift certificates.

- Rewards are not valid for payments towards private parties, catering, or delivery. 

- During the holiday gift card bonus promotion, you can either choose to receive the bonus gift card or reward points. Not both. 

- The Maple Tree Inn rewards program is for individual customers only. Points may not be credited to business entities. 

- Maple Tree Inn,  Inc. reserves the right to add, withdraw, and/or make changes to the rules or prizes, audit or cancel your account, or terminate the program at any time without advance notice. Federal and State tax liabilities are the responsibility of the card holder. Applicants must be over 18 years of age to enroll. Employees of Maple Tree Inn, Inc. are not eligible for membership. Maple Tree Inn, Inc. is the deciding entity on any and all issues and/or arbitration regarding this loyalty program. Participation in the program consitutes acceptance of these terms. All rights reserved. Copyright 2018. Maple Tree Inn, Inc.

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